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مشاهدات اكثر

Jovision Home Security IP Camera JVS-H510

متوفر: متوفربالمخزون

ريال 299

مشاهدة سريعة

Speak and Listen from the camera through the application
HD resolution 1280x720
1 Megapixel
Motion Detector
Supports Wi-Fi
Memory port up to 64GB Recording 96 hours 4 days
Night vision 8 to 10 meters
Move the camera to 360 degrees


1. Configure device through wired/wireless network.
2. Support horizontal and vertical PTZ; control viewing angle freely.
3. Support soundwave and wire configuration.
4. Built-in MIC and speaker,support two-way talk.
5. Support multiple RS433 alarming methods,magnetic door,bracelet etc.
6. Support High/Standard/Flow definition switch.
7. Support 64G local storage.
8. Record file format:MP4.
9. Support Android/IOS/Windows PC client remote view.
10. Capable of seeing face clearly within 8m in daytime; 10m IR distance at night.