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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Gulf Computer Center Corporation website. Dear users, please read all the terms and conditions of use. By reading the terms and conditions you are committed to them. All the details below confirm the commitment to the Gulf Computer Center Foundation agreement. This agreement is valid while using this website.

1. Website Usage Policy

• Registration on the website is not allowed for those who are 18 years or less, any accounts associated with members under the age of 18, will be eliminated without any advance notice.
• The user should be aware that the contents of this website`s pages are subject to modification without any advance notice.
• The user is obliged to register valid, correct, and complete information as requested in the registration form at Gulf Computer Center website.
• The user is the only responsible for the privacy of his/her account credentials.
• Gulf Computer Center website will not be responsible for any damage or wastage to the user, directly or indirectly, morally or financially, as a result of registering with invalid or outdated information; as changing contact details or the package addressee, or even sharing account ID and/or password with someone else.
• If the user is subscribed to register as a representative to a company or a commercial corporation, the website administration should be notified with all documents; such as commercial license.
• The user should be aware and agree that the Gulf Computer Center website will notify them of any amendment to the User Agreement.
• The website’s administration has the right to suspend or cancel any user’s membership in case of any infringement of the above-mentioned conditions.

2. Purchase Policy

• All products shown on the website, are calculated with local currency; Saudi Riyal (SR).
• Completion of a sale is after payment through a bank transfer in one of the official accounts of the corporation, the payment includes the product price and shipping fees; thereafter, the corporation will send the product by shipping or transportation companies (Review Shipment Policy term) to the member’s address provided in the registration form.
• The available payment methods are Bank Transfer Payment and Cash on delivery.
• Website administration might cancel a purchase order in case the buyer did not respond to the phone calls (from the website administration or the shipment partners) to confirm the order, and the user will have no right to ask the website to confirm the order after its cancellation, or asking to resend it after it has been returned by the shipment company.
• The corporation has the right to change the prices of products and shipping fees with no advance notice.

3. Customer’s Rights

• You have the right to return back the product if it was different from what is described on the website in 3 days from the receiving date as proved in the shipping company, the customer should contact the website administration during this period, to send a shipping team to receive the product; and the customer will get his payment back then.
• In case the customer needs to return back the product according to the conditions mentioned in the previous term after contacting the website administration, the customer is obliged to return the product with its complete set of attachments through the shipment company that has contracted with Gulf Computer Center; we will then afford the product send-back fees. The Corporation will examine the product to assure the problems which the customer stated, after that the compensation can be by replacing the product or returning back the money (we will return back the payment upon receipt plus the shipping fees, only if the case or problem was identical to the first condition of this term). The customer should take care that the product must be in its original state before usage, meaning, to be in its original packaging with all of its attachments and accessories and any other tools; alongside with any other products that may be included as a sale offer (this term is applied if it was possible to know the difference between the actual product and the description on the website from the coverage, or the external product box). If the difference cannot be noticed unless the packaging is removed, hence the customer must preserve the product and its attachments and coverage from damage, and if there is any spoilage; the customer will have no right to reclaim any form of compensation from Gulf Computer Center.
• The customer has the right to send back the product in case of technical failures or manufacturing malfunctions, during 7 days from the receiving date as registered at the transporting company; we will then afford the product send-back fees and sending it again to the customer. After a week, the customer should send the product to the agent if available or the importer in KSA (the customer will be notified with the address of the agent or importer in KSA). The agent will surely afford the maintenance expenses or replacing a product with another during the warranty time, review (Warranty Conditions).
• You have the full right to assure your desire of not receiving the advertising messages; you can cancel receiving advertising messages by checking the option under promotional and advertising texts.

4. Product Return Policy

• Sending the product back for any reason is only during the first 3 days starting from the date registered in the shipping company. During this period, the customer has to contact us. This does not include the software’s and special offers that have been requested outside the website orders (unless the case was identical to customer’s rights policy in terms 2 and 3).
• The product must be in its original state before usage, in its original packaging with its full set of attachments; alongside with any other products if it was on a sale offer.
• Regarding applied fees upon purchase in the payment on receipt option, are unrecovered; unless the case was identical to the customer’s rights term, condition 2 and 3. We will send back the product price only, and we will afford the send-back shipping fees.
• The customer should send the original attached bill again with the package.
• Customer’s money restoration will be through bank transfer to the customer’s bank account in KSA, the customer’s name must be identical to the name in the registration form. Transaction phase is 5 to 7 business days starting from the day we receive the product from the shipping company.
• If the customer wants to send back the product after 3 days because of a technical or manufacturing malfunction, please review the term of customer’s rights.

5. Warranty

• All products on the website have a two-year warranty except accessories and attachments, presumptive age is different for some of the product pieces ( it differs from a piece to another of the product); the customer should review the product manual or manufacturing company’s website (if the product works with an electric charger, the warranty on this charger will be only 60 days, starting from customer’s product-receiving date). Though the corporation will work hard to supply the customer with spare-parts as possible.
• Warranty does not include technical damages caused by remissness or wrong usage or external effects that may affect the appliance or the product, as: dropping in water, hitting something affects its functionality, or being broken or being exposed to overheat; or any liquids and humidity.
• The importer or the agent –if available- will afford the maintenance expenses or replacing the product with one another during warranty phase. The customer must preserve the original bill during warranty phase. All product orders include a bill as an attachment (the customer will be informed about the address of the agent or the importer in KSA).

6. Importer or Agent Warranty

• If the warranty is provided by the importer of the agent, the customer has to contact them directly to get the warranty service they provide according to their terms and conditions.
• Warranty service provided by the importer or the agent, is not considered a responsibility of Gulf Computer Center.

7. Gulf Computer Center Warranty

Warranty service is provided to some products shown on the website by Gulf Computer Center, the policy applies as follows:
• All electrical appliances have a two-year warranty, except accessories and attachments.
• Maintenance time is 14 days maximum; starting from the day we receive the product from the shipping company.
• To benefit from warranty service, the customer has to preserve the original bill and send it to us along with the product.
• The corporation has the right to keep the replaced parts during warranty phase.
• Warranty means the maintenance of the malfunction and not replacing the entire appliance, excepting from warranty service the failures caused by:

  1. Abusing the product or not being obliged to its usage instructions in the product’s user manual; or the instructions on the internet while activating the appliance.
  2. Breaks, hits, or exposing the device to any external factors such as liquids, humidity, or overheat or even to a high electric current.
  3. Attempts to fix or maintenance of the device by an unauthorized operators or using parts unapproved by Specifications and Standards.
  4. If there was any damage to the device’s serial number.
  5. Deleting operating system files or parts of the hard drive or defects caused by viruses.
  6. Damage of the battery or the charger as a result of overuse, which leads to device damage.
  7. Using a different battery or charger not in conformity with the device.

• Gulf Computer Center will not be responsible of losing any data may be stored or saved on any product which are being fixed or replaced.
• The customer has the right to have a temporary device or (1÷400) from the total product value in case being late to provide any spare-part or maintenance delay or while having a manufacturing malfunction in the product.
• The customer has the right to have a replacement product if available after paying for fair use*** or recovering the payment after deducting the amount of fair use***.
• The presumptive age differs for some pieces of each product, the customer should review the product’s user manual or visit the manufacturing company’s website on the internet.
• Fair usage cost is calculated by 5% from the total amount of the product on purchase every month starting from delivering the product to the customer by the shipping company, not exceeding 80% from the amount of the product.
• If the customer has asked for maintenance to a product has warranty service from Gulf Computer Center, we will afford the shipping cost and send the product again to the customer during warranty phase, on a condition that the damaged part must be in warranty phase; for details please review product’s manual or the manufacturing company’s website.

8. Production Rights

• All other trademarks (™) which are not owned by Gulf Computer Center Corporation’s website, are property to their owners.

9. Website Information

• You know that such information and subjects and products may contain errors or inaccurate information, so we are free of any responsibility for such inaccuracy or errors to the maximum limitations the law authorizes.

10. Accessing the website

• No one has any right to download the contents of this website or modifying any fraction of it without an explicit authorization from the administration.
• There is no right to use any distinguishing marks or internal signs to use the corporation’s name or our website or our trademark without an explicit authorization from the administration.
• You have no right to use any slogans from the corporation or any other property diagrams or the trademark as a part of the link without an explicit authorization from the administration.

11. Product Specifications

• We are working hard to make the website accurate as possible, but we cannot guarantee that the merchandise specifications or other website contents are extremely accurate or complete, authorized or free of any error. Any product specifications or images or designs and graphs cannot be considered as an obligation to the corporation’s website; thence the corporation will not be responsible at any time for forging or inaccuracy of the product’s specifications shown in its website, according to the information from the manufacturing company. In addition, the corporation will not be responsible for any product modification by its manufacturers.
• If the product did not match its provided specifications on the website, you have to return it without usage. The returning product to the corporation must be with its original packaging (including the shipping box and protecting coverage), then you should send the product to the address (in contact us website page).
• Packages which did not meet the conditions mentioned in the previous term in this policy will be sent back to the customer with no responsibility from the corporation.

12. Product Availability

• All products on the website are available as long as they are shown in the gallery or in the store, seldom that might be a delay updating and removing unavailable products; but the customer will be notified with this issue and will be paid back in case of the payment is done.

13. Delivery (Shipping)

• All ordered products from the website will be delivered by a transporting company, the shipping cost will be calculated when you request a purchasing of a product; and then added to the total amount of the payment. You can see the shipping fees before you order the product, and also you can cancel your order.
• Shipping fees may differ according to delivery places, package size and weight.
• The maximum weight per order is 50 kilogram.
• Shipping fees are subject to modification with no advance notice, and the corporation will not be responsible for any extra sums caused by delay, package loss, or invalid addresses, etc.
• Upon purchase confirmation the product will be sent to the shipping company in the next day from purchasing date, excepting weekends and formal holidays. Generally, the package delivery to the customer will be within 7 days maximum, and any delay on delivery will not guarantee you the right to refuse the merchandise or cancel the purchase order.
• All merchandise ordered through the website, is subjected to shipment contract, meaning that the liability of losing or damaging the merchandise by the shipping company goes to you, after we deliver the merchandise to the shipping company. In rare situations of losing the package before delivery, we hope that you review transporting company terms and conditions before you submit a purchase order.

14. Help

• On delivery of the ordered product, the corporation offers no other services such as setup, training, or maintenance, unless otherwise agreed upon by the concerned parties.
• However, we may provide you help regarding the training and how to use the ordered product. The terms and conditions of this support will be clarified in a separate agreement.
• The corporation may agree on providing you with help in setting up appliances and other maintenance help services; this will be according to separate agreements signed by the concerned parties.

15. Insurance Withdrawal

• The corporation does not offer any kind of assurances whether explicit or implicit, regarding the functionality of this website or the adequacy of the information, merchandise, and services on the website for any reason. All information and merchandise and services offered by this site, are provided as they are and as they are available on the website with no insurances.
• The corporation will not be responsible for any damages direct or indirect, disciplinary or circumstantially, individually or consecutively; or any damages of any kind (including with no limits, damages caused by using this website and using its subjects or generally using any information or merchandise or services or else from what is available on this website) caused by the usage of this website or order timeline or abusing merchandise or spoiling them.
• The above-mentioned applies to the situations of modification or damage of merchandise linked to their manufacturers.
• Gulf Computer Center corporation, denies any explicit or implicit insurances; including for example: commercial marketing and specific purpose agreement.
• The corporation does not guarantee that this website and its users or e-mails on it, are all clean of viruses or other harmful components.
• The corporation will not be responsible for any damage caused by using this website, including for example; direct or indirect damages, disciplinary or circumstantial or consecutive damages.
• In whatsoever condition, the corporation liability will be confined to the amount of the merchandise which has been bought from the corporation and caused the damage.

16. Issues Affect the Workflow

• The corporation will has no responsibility for any failure of carrying out one of its obligations, whether this failure was caused by an emergency or out-of-control circumstances, for example, but not limited to: fires, explosions, riots, wars, floods, epidemics, materials and transportation shortage, electricity and power insufficient supplies, any delay exceeds transportation acceptable average, accidents during work, crashes, pirating, siege, restrictions, and curfew or any other sanctions imposed on merchandise by any official authority in the origin country or in the shipping country; or any legal procedures which may be imposed regardless the systematic workflow.
• In case of emergency or out-of-control circumstances, we –in the corporation- will notify you as fast as possible.

17. Legitimate Obedience

• You must comply with all local laws, protocols and systems related to your usage for our services in Gulf Computer Center Corporation’s website.
• You are completely responsible for using products you have received through the corporation, according to the terms and conditions articulated in the attached documents to the product if found.

18. No Intermediary

• The corporation’s website is in one side and the customer is in the other; they are two independent contractors with no middleman.
• Official Gulf Computer Center Corporation’s website URL is : www.gcc.com.sa
• The Corporation Headquarter: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-Alkhobar-King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Street-Al Dossary Towers.

19. Agreement

• This agreement and policies are for online dealing on our website only.
• In case there was any difference in the form or the meaning of this agreement in English version, the Arabic version will be considered.